Someday is a beautiful little book about a girl and her dreams. It was written by Charlotte Zolotow and exquisitely illustrated by my beloved Arnold Lobel (the creator of Frog and Toad) in 1965. The little girl of Someday is optimistic, idealistic, and full of wonderful plans for the future. Someday, she will have $100 to buy gifts for everyone she knows. Someday she will have a little bulldog who sleeps on her bed. She’ll find a room in her house that no one has ever seen before . . . someday.

The little girl plays baseball and does ballet. She loves to read and can think of nothing better than a big box of books arriving at her door someday when she is bored and lonely. She plays the piano and helps her mother set the table. She has an older brother and that tricky sibling relationship that is part rivalry, part annoyance, and all love.

It is good to have hopes and dreams. It is wonderful to imagine the future, to plan ahead, to think about what makes us happy, to understand who we are and what is most important to us.

At the very end of the book, after the little girl has shared all the exciting things she will do—someday, she adds, “But right now, it’s dinnertime.” I love this! This little girl is very wise. She lets her imagination run free, and then she very firmly entrenches herself in the present. She is present, and she is mindful. Her longing for what will be, someday, does not prevent her from enjoying the here and now, it does not detract from her happiness or so consume her that she forgets to live the life she has now. The simple gift of a meal, hot, fresh, and waiting, prepared for her with love, is another thing to be enjoyed, to be savored. For now, it is more than good enough. The little girl is happy in her contemplation of the future, a future she is content to wait for patiently. She is not wishing away the present. What a great lesson for all of us. Waiting for “someday” can be such a trap. It can lead to unhappiness and discontent. It can make us forget or ignore all our current blessings. But it doesn’t have to.

God gave us desires, aspirations, and the ability to set goals. He gave us creative minds so that we might think, and rich imaginations so that we might dream. And as we wait—for tomorrow, for next year, for God’s kingdom to come, for someday, we are filled with hope and expectation, and we live, and we love.

For I have plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.



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