‘Twas the Night Before #PitchWars


santaWell look at that. Even Santa is subbing to #PitchWars!


‘Twas the night before PitchWars and all through the house,
My children were quiet, and so was my spouse.
(They all had their orders: Mommy is busy,
Don’t talk to her now or she’ll be in a tizzy.)

My notebooks and pens were piled high on my desk,
With soda and snacks, a disorganized mess.
The guinea pig was munching on leaves in her dish,
As I closed my eyes and whispered a wish.

My hair was dirty, my clothes were too,
Who has time to change, or even shampoo?
When from my computer there arose such a noise,
It was the PitchWars party, meant to encourage girls and boys!

Away to my monitor my gaze hurried fast,
I closed all my open tabs, got settled at last.
The Skype feed was choppy, the mentors sometimes muted,
But they gave great advice as they laughed and they hooted.
I knew that they cared about everyone’s books
It was obvious just from the way that they looked.

As the sub window opens, and then closes tight
We will hope for the best with all of our might.
And so we will wait, with a tear in our eye.
The lows, they are low and the highs are SO high!
We know that we owe all of you great thanks
For trying to help us rise up to your ranks.

Oh Brenda, oh Brighton, oh Heather and Nikki!
Oh Michael, Michelle, and L.L. McKinney!
We sub to you with great hope in our hearts,
We love your feedback, we’ll cut the dull parts.
We all look to you for your wisdom and your wit,
But you can only pick one, who you deem to be fit.

The party is over, the last advice given,
We’ve all done our best and must leave it to heaven.
Good luck and best wishes to all who have entered,
And many thanks to the mentors who try to keep us centered.
PitchWars will come and PitchWars will go,
But the friendship and support will linger on, so . . .

I spring from my chair, I know I am ready,
It is time now for sleep, my head is sure heavy!
PitchWarriors, don’t fear, we are already winners!
We have all written books, we are all yarn spinners!
I say to you now as I turn off the light,
Happy PitchWars to all, we have fought the good fight!



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