Red Tent Living: The Comeback


Today I am so pleased and blessed to share that I am a featured contributor on Red Tent Living for the month of August. What is Red Tent Living? In its creator’s own words:

“Red Tent Living is an invitation.  Here, women come to just be and be together.  Amidst all of the impossible, confusing, and shaming ideas of what femininity is in our culture today, we find respite and meaning in gathering together and sharing our lives with one another.  Your femininity is not an essence to be quickly taken in, nor is it contained in the labels of your age, location, season of life, or vocation.  That is why in this venue, we choose to reframe what it is to be a woman.”

The words I chose to share were written in May, when I was experiencing a dark and frightening time in my life. Things have changed for the better since then, and I know God has been walking beside me and my family, guiding us through the storm. He has given me safe places to rest, surrounded me with unbelievably kind and supportive people to lean on, and never, ever, let me feel his absence.

My contribution to Red Tent Living may be hard to read. It is raw and emotional and came from a place of deep confusion and hurt. I was more honest with all my potential readers than perhaps I have ever been with myself and I stand now, exposed and utterly real, wondering if I did the right thing. My prayer is that what I so fearfully but needfully shared will give some hope to others who are struggling. That it will serve as a reminder that there is One who loves us above all others, who knows exactly what we need, and will never forsake us. When you fear a present and a future you cannot control or even imagine, put your trust in Him. He will provide, and He will never leave you. For lo I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Please visit Red Tent Living and read my story:

The Comeback


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